Rules to Live by

Ten Things I say often and hardly anyone listens to:


1.            Focus.        On the task at hand, the ball, the next step. Narrow your territory, your efforts, your to do list.

2.            It's only called work if you would rather be doing something else.     If you spend too much time working, change what you do.

3.            Answer the question you want to answer, not the one that is asked.     Don't let others drive your discussion, stay on track and make your presentation.

4.            It's about the relationship.     It's not about price or product it’s about the relationship.

5.            If you see it, get it now, from where you are.     Don't wait for a better position, time or place.

6.            You can't skip the basics.    There are short cuts around the basics that may get you to the goal but the fall is just as short and easy. Refine your basics and they will become a second nature to you,  habitualize them

7.            Write a list.     Let your ideas gel on paper. Work your list every day.

8.            Most people die in bed.    Get out of bed. It's a very unsafe place.   No great philosophy here, you gotta get outta bed to make things happen.

9.            Don't hate.  Just refuse to like.  Hate takes energy away from good things. Indifference takes no effort.

10.         “I understand.” Don’t just listen to people. Understand then and then let them KNOW you understand them.