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About Gregg Fous


Gregg Fous - Broker/Agent

Better Homes and Gardens Market America Realty Group Florida Real Estate

Gregg Fous has been in real estate for over thirty years and in development for over past fifteen. His business has evolved as fast as the technology supporting it. He and his team have grown on the simple premise that the they utilize the best and most up to date tools and knowledge-base to serve customers. We are a relationship based team with technology at its base.

Fous has heavy experience in new home sales, on site sales centers and bringing both residential and commercial projects from idea to sell out. Previous projects include The Citadel in Bonita Springs, Parkside at Rivers IV, Oasis Condominiums, and Island Pines.

Gregg Fous is now a broker with Market America Network, a full service real estate company he founded in 2001.

Fous a has a passion for investment real estate and has two favorite expressions:
1. " It's only called work if you would rather be doing something else" ( He hasn't worked a day in his life)
2.  "You make money when you buy, not when you sell,"

Gregg writes weekly blog,  many of which are on this website