Things I love about Summer in Florida

Things I love about Florida in the Summer

1.    Last minute restaurant choices. It’s the time of year that locals get to check out restaurant deals without waiting in line or turning away from a place because of the crowds. We also may venture into the new restaurant that was open during season but we dare not go near in season.

2.  The longer days. I can get home from work and still have hours of outside time.

3.  Afternoon rains. Predicatively between 3 and 4 PM come the cooling and cleansing afternoon thunder storms. Time to get some work done or take a nap perhaps. I love the dark sky overFort Myers weather in the summer the bright water, the electricity in the air, and the feeling of energy that only comes before the storm.

4.   The noise after the shower. The swales and wet retention areas get full of water and the air is buzzing with the cacophony from the call of frogs looking for mates, the birds feeding in that new water, and the insects flying away from them.

5.   Real estate is easier to deal with. “Do you want to sell this now of wait for next season?” Homes are easier to tour because they are vacant and as Realtors we also are less reactionary and more in a planning mode in the summers.

6.   The weather. Summer weather is much more predictable than winter weather with its capricious winds and temps. While the heat is stifling to some, the beaches and boating beckon the water lovers.

7.   Scuba Diving/Fishing trips. South Florida has some of the best diving locations for both and my favorite is a trip during which we DO both!

8.  The beaches. Florida has the best beaches in the world!Fort Myers Beaches

9.   Green Everything. Fast growing everything.

10. Mangos. I love the fresh mangos.

11. Working in the yard and jumping in the pool. Repeat often.

12. The traffic. From Fort Myers to Naples in 45 minutes. To Sarasota in 60. (time scan be double in Winter)

13. Tourist attractions for locals. Summer is when we get to go at our leisure.

If you have not visited here in the summer, you need to do so before you move here and buy your Florida home. For as much as I love Summer in Southwest Florida, I SOOO look forward to that first cooling breeze that arrives in October signaling the end of it and the return of our beloved snowbirds, busy street.