Real Estate Leverage


Do you want a little leverage with that?

Average rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage are 3.75%, but most real estate purchased in southwest Florida is paid for in cash. Nationally 43% of homes are purchased for cash, and I suspect the number locally is closer to 70%. This is occurring even when returns on investment portfolios run 7 to 10%. Then why are most real estate purchases cash?  Confidence and prior experience in the 2006-2008 is the short answer and add lack of confidence in the stock market and you have most of your answer. Most investors believe that real estate should be part of their portfolio but don’t have enough confidence to get leveraged. 

Leverage is a wonderful thing however, and I urge buyers to consider taking advantage of the low cost loans currently available while real estate prices are still attractive

LEVERAGE in Florida Real Estate

I received a call from an investor interested in buying real estate here in Southwest Florida. We talked about apartments, land, REOs and foreclosures and real estate investing in general. Then we got to the topic of leverage. I told Victor that the real estate properties he could buy with 10% leverage were better than deals he would have to put more cash into. I realize that most of us think we know what leverage is. What I would like to do, however, is get pretty basic and review just what leverage can do for you in real estate. This kind of leverage is almost impossible to get in other investments. In mechanics, a lever is a device that will enable you to move a large or heavy weight with a very small force. Leverage in real estate enables you to control an expensive piece of property with a small amount of cash. First, let’s examine a property you might buy with no leverage. Let’s further assume you buy a $100,000 condo. For simplicity's sake, let us also assume that there were no other costs in acquiring the property. Our third assumption is that the property increases 10% per year in value (appreciation). You buy the property on January 1 by investing $100,000. On December 31 the condo is worth $110,000. Your investment has earned you 10%. If you are able to rent that property out for $1000 per month, and we assume expenses of $167/month, we have additional income of $10,000. Now our investment earned a total of $20,000. For example:


Annual appreciation                                       $10,000 

Gross income: 12 months x $1000=                 $12,000 

Expenses                                                       -$2000

Our net benefit                                               $20,000

Without looking at any tax advantages we have earned $20,000 ($10,000 appreciation and $10,000 income) or 20% on our $100,000.
This is pretty good!

Now let’s see how leverage works. Instead of paying cash for the $100,000 property, let’s put up $20,000 and borrow the rest.


Annual appreciation                                       $10,000 

Gross income: 12 months x $1000                   $12,000

Expenses w/o interest                                     -$2,000

Interest expense for $80,000, 7% loan

for 12 months is                                              -$5,574

Our net benefit                                               $14,426

In the leveraged, example we earned $14,426 on our $20,000 investment. This is a return of 72%! Versus 20% for the un-leveraged acquisition (I used twice the current cost of money!) This is what leverage is all about.  Now keep in mind we have not even considered that you are paying the mortgage down ($813 the first year) or the depreciation that you can write off ($2909 the first year). This would make the levered deal even better.




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