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For the past two years, home values have plummeted. Couple plummeting values with the hyper inflated prices Florida homes saw over the past five years, and the result is a large number of stressed out homeowners with mortgage balances that exceed the value of their home. Add in job-loss or decreased income and many home owners are left wringing their hands with fear or worry and are frozen into inaction.

Market America Real Estate Can Help

Many of the soon to be defaulting borrowers are not taking action for a number of reasons:

·         They are embarrassed

·         They are afraid of what may happen if they alert the lender to impending problems

·         They are unaware of their options and do not seek help

·         They are intimidated by the process

·         They feel inadequate to talk intelligently about financial matters to strangers

·         They are in denial

·         They do not take the time to deal with the issues or follow up by providing documentation that supports their case

·         They are unaware they could be a candidate for a loan modification or short sale

·         They believe that they will hurt their credit score

·         They are solid citizens that were raised to fulfill their obligations no matter what the cost to them of their family

·         They have a view that a workout may be a form of welfare and do not like that stigma

At Market America Real Estate there are Solutions

We don’t have a silver bullet or a magic pill, but what we do have is a process that  has a high rate of success. It is a process that will identify, number one, if you and your situation qualify for a loan modification or a short sale. We help you identify your objectives and assemble the necessary paperwork, and then we take over negotiations with your financial institutions. Possible outcomes include:

1.   Interest Rate Reduction

2.   Extension of Loan Terms

3.   Delinquent Payment Forgiveness

4.   Conversion from Adjustable Rates to a Fixed Rate

5.   Principal Reduction

6.   Forbearance Agreements

7.   Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

8.   Short Sales

9.   Auction

What's the Next Step?

You need to arrange a confidential meeting with one of our Short Sale experts.

We understand these are difficult times, but you are not alone. There are answers, and there are actions you can take. We can help and have done many short sales. We have the experience and the professionalism.

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