Good Morning

Good Morning from Fort Myers Florida.

I’m sitting on my back porch as the sun is rising. There is a bit of a chill in the air but I am resisting putting on a sweater. It will warm up soon. Gail turned all the clocks back last night except the one on the coffee pot.  I never actually use that one since I am unfailingly awake before the pot is set to turn on. Hopefully you remembered to set your clocks back. Not that we have to do that very much anymore.   Most of them do it automatically for us. 

The view this morning brought to my mind one of my favorite expressions, “People pay to be doing what I am doing right now.”   We are about to enter the 7-month period where a great deal rest of the country wants our weather. As the snowbirds return to their winter homes, traffic is building on the roads and the restaurateurs breathe a sigh of relief as their seats fill along with their pocket books.  Not only do the restaurants fill up, but so do the doctor’s offices, hair dressers, and retail plazas. The growth in the population from second home owners and retirees has had its effect on local real estate. Prices are stable, demand is slow but steady, and only the high end has really slowed down.

For the Lee County area, much of the growth is happening on the outskirts of the towns. The land that is available is east of I75. North of the Caloosahatchee river and of course lots in Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres.  We are seeing “tear downs” happening along the McGregor corridor and new homes popping up – slowly now but I expect more of this in 2017.

The new communities are offering attractive prices and cost of ownership along with increased security and a “prepackaged” sense of community.  If you read my emails often you know that I think buying new is wise today.

If I can help you in your search for a home here in Lee County, or you are ready to sell, please let me know.  And, by the way,  if you enjoy the view above, I do have a house for sale with has avery similar view on the golf course– not yet on the market – that will be available just down the street from me. ($249,000, 3br.2 bath).  Call me for details. (It is currently rented).

And remember as we approach the elections – On the bright side: one of these presidential  candidates is going to lose!

Until next time,