How to sell your home quickly

Last week end I didn’t write my “newsletter”.  I have been writing it more or less every Sunday morning now since 2001.  But last Sunday as I sat down to compose, my brother Bill called me and said, “Meet me at Olmeda.”

Gail and I purchased an investment home on the golf course about ten houses from our own home.  Our plans were to keep the tenants in it for a few years and then tear it down build a spec home for resale.  But the softness in the higher end market for homes in our area lead to our decision when the tenant let us know they were leaving, to put in back on the market. 

Once our long-time tenant moved out we cleaned the house out and put it for sale. I assumed that the future buyer would be someone that would want to be on the golf course, and put $50-60,000 in improvements in the house. While we did have three rehabbers look very seriously at the house we had more interest in buyers wanting a “no excuses”  home that they could  move into and still be under $250,000.  Priced at $239,000 most of out potential buyers did not have either the money or the imagination to fix up the house.

I had been talking about this with Bill last week about this and his morning phone call was the kick in the butt I needed.  “You are always talking about selling “no-excuses homes” let’s do it to this one.” 

Need less to day, I never made it back to my desk last Sunday except to come back real quick and take 1454 Olmeda off the market. I then changed into demo clothing and collected my tools. By the end of that day, the bathroom was gutted and workers scheduled the following day for the renovation. The house looked like and ant hill all this past week and now the interior is done. This coming week we prep the exterior, rebuild some facia, and totally prime and paint the house. April 1 it goes back on the market at $249,900.  A “no-excuses” home means there is no excuse not to buy it.

You know the expression the cobbler’s kids has not shoes? There was a bit of this involved here – I was not taking my own advice on this home.

If you are going to put your home on the market  Read this.

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