Google Earth Pro

If you don’t know it, don’t worry Google has a pretty good idea.

If need you need a good reason to get a new computer, GoogleEarth Pro, now free to use, just may be the technological straw you needed to encourage you to break open your piggy banks back to get that new computer. The features on Google Earth Pro are nothing short of amazing.  Google Earth Pro will work on an older computer, but not as well, as fast, or as satisfying.

If you are looking at real estate you need Google Earth Pro. If you are going on vacation you need Google Earth Pro. There are no  secrets from the sky that you cant see on Google Earth Pro.

We are starting to build Net Zero Homes and acquiring vacant residential building lots to build on.

From my desktop I can see:

1.      The location and neighborhood, the houses nearby and the terrain

2.      If the lot is on a paved road

3.      How many trees or what ground cover are on the property

4.      If there are utility poles near by.

5.      The elevation of the lot and of the road.

6.      The distance from other landmarks ( like the beach or shopping)

I still go to walk every lot we buy, but with Google Earth Pro I can cull a list of 50 potential lots, for example, to the few I need to see.

Gail and I stayed in a house for three weeks in Murphy, Thanks to Google earth I know the elevation. (Just search an address on Google Earth and put the curser over the address once it shows up and in the lower right hand corner will be the elevation)

If you want to zoom in to street view, keep going down, walk the neighborhood. Turn around and look at the home across the street. In fact, when I am working with a new buyer, especially one from out of town, I will always start in my office in front of a big screen  monitor and tour the area with them with Google Earth.