Don't just sit there

Don’t just sit there.

All the grand-kids were over a few weeks ago; three rambunctious kids from 5 to 7 years old. With three kids there is often one that is left out of something. This time it was the rope swing that was a favorite of all three.   The swing was positioned high in an oak tree and it enabled them to fly high over the picket fence that separates our yard from the golf course. Torren, my youngest grandson, was not on the swing nor was he pushingthe one that was on the swing. He was left out, was not happy about it, but was too proud to show it. 

I could observe this from my chair on the deck as I enjoyed the breezy day. Observing, you see, is seeing and thinking about what you see. I enjoyed the interaction and experiencing the children as they learned how to be diplomats and leaders and well, to be social.  I saw Torren feign interest in a stick that he found near the swing. I saw Ryker revel in his position flying though the air and Mackenzie pleased with her role of control as the “pusher”.  I called Torren over to my chair on the deck and suggested he sit on my lap.  Begrudgingly he came over and snuggled for some comfort for about 10 seconds.

“What would you like to do?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to just sit here.”, replied Torren.

He got up and ran back to the swing area.  He said that as if he thought I was going to offer sitting here as one of the options of what there was to do that morning.  And for me, he was correct.   For a five year old, however, this is not an option.

These days I often have my second cup of coffee in my garden, Tucker at my side or in my lap (my two year old Jack Russel Terrier), no phone, no paper, just me and my thoughts. I plan my day, prioritize my to do list, and run things over in my mind.   As I have matured I spend more time thinking and not as much time doing.

As a young man, and for all of my business career, I have been a “Doer”.  I get things done. I planned as I acted. I figured it out along the way.  I knew that often it is difficult to decide a certain path until you I take the first steps.   I would weigh the risks of taking the path that lay before me, and as long as it was not off of a cliff, I was not afraid to take a few steps. I could change my mind, alter my plans and take a new direction.

Torrens words have been echoing in my mind the past two weeks. “I don’t want to just sit here”, and I smile. 

When faced with a major decision I find better satisfaction in “Doing”. Thinking of moving to Florida? Get down here. Thinking of a new car? Go look at some.  Thinking of making an offer?  Make it.

In real estate I love to “run the traps” as I call it. I get to a point where I just must to go out in the field and look at property, talk to people, and get the smell and feel of an area, an idea, or a potential plan of action. If I drive a car to a lot I’m thinking of buying, I stop the car, turn off the engine, and get out and walk around.  AS I drive around I always stop at open houses to meet the agents as much as see the house. “Drive bys” just don’t do it for me.

Thinking of making a move in real estate?

Don’t just sit there.